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EAR CANDLING $45    ~also known as ear coning  

This time-proven therapy, which started in Egypt, can be very effective in removing old ear wax from the ear canal.  The base of an ear candle is gently inserted a fraction of an inch into the outer ear canal and then the tip of the ear candle is lit so there is a constant flame.  The flame creates smoke, that injection of smoke into the ear canal relieves ear ache pain, softens impacted ear wax (allowing the wax to do what it does best...make it's own way out of the ear), and can offer excellent relief of pressure in the sinuses. The ear candle is made of beeswax or paraffin. Treatment helps relieve symptoms associated with swimmer's ear, allergies, sinus problems and restoration of the equilibrium.  

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How long does treatment take?
*treatment takes approximately 30 minutes (15 mins per ear)

 Is treatment painful?
*There is no pain at all. It is a relaxing experience. You may hear crackling sounds and feel warmth.

How often should you do treatment?
*It takes 2-3 sessions for ears to be cleaned for most. After that: every 3-6 months.

Any Contraindications?
*Anyone who has had ear surgery, artificial ear drums, ear tubes, or perforated ear drums.