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            ~BASIC CLEANSING FACIAL $60 
If you've abused your skin with sun, smoke or simple neglect, it may be time to treat your skin! This treatment stimulates cellular renewal, restores youthful function and smooths and revitalizes. 
* treatment includes skin analysis, cleansing, steam/heat mask, exfoliation, extractions of blemishes and blackheads (if needed), neck and facial massage, purifying masque for specific skin type, moisturizer and hot towel compresses. 60 mins.

            ~VITAMIN C FACIAL $70
Our most popular facial for those experiencing sun damage and hyper pigmentation. The environment may take a toll on your skin, but now you can fight back with our vitamin C ingredients that go directly into the skin using a high frequency machine for maximum results. This antioxidant-rich treatment restores clarity, texture, elasticity, and firmness, while fading pigmentation and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.  Includes basic facial, pure vitamin C scrub, anti-aging serums, and a vitamin C masque. 75 mins

            ~ANTI-ACNE MASK & TEA TREE $70
Ideal for oily and acne-prone skin types, this facial is designed to deeply exfoliate the skin allowing for easier extractions. The Acne Facial leaves the pores clear and free of buildup and the skin refreshed. Treatment includes basic facial with an added oil control masque, and the application of enzyme infused with lemongrass extracts, masque, conditioning lotion, sunscreen and lots of extractions! 75 mins

            ~TEEN FACIAL $40.00
This mini facial is an ideal way to introduce adolescents to the basics of good skincare. Includes a thorough cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and treatment masque.

            ~BACK FACIAL $60.00
A custom facial for the hard to reach areas of the back which begins with a deep cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions where needed. A relaxing back and neck massage followed by a soothing and detoxifying mask adding hot towels. This facial will purify your skin, leaving it smooth and hydrated. 60 minutes

            ~GENTLEMAN'S HOT TOWEL FACIAL $70.00
Like our personalized facial, but addresses the specific needs of skin that has been exposed to daily shaving. It includes a neck, shoulder and scalp massage, and incorporates the traditional barber hot towel technique for an ultimate experience. When needed we will also include an eyebrow wax. 60 minutes

            Add Extra Touches...

      * A strong protein that exfoliates skin cells at a more powerful level.

      * A powerful alpha hydroxy acid.  20% or 30% It is used to improve the skin's appearance and texture. It helps reduce wrinkles, acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation spots and improves many other skin conditions. Excellent for acne prone, matured, and sun damaged skin.
Rapid exfoliation for cell renewal. Not recommended for Retin-A® or Accutane® users.

      * Intensive re-hydration for dry, sensitive and dehydrated skin needing restoration and rebalanced moisture levels with a triple layer mask. This extremely therapeutic facial relieves the uncomfortable feelings associated with dehydration and dryness. It's a deeply soothing treat!

Collagen Eye Treatment $20
     * Deeply hydrates and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Also used for puffiness and dark circles around the eye.